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For general and business enquiries, please feel free to contact me at:

Review Policy:

Please read policy in its entirety before requesting a review.

I am NOT accepting books for review at this time. Physical copies are preferred and will be prioritized over e-copies.

Keep in mind, I typically read fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, and science-fiction of all age-groups. Review requests for other genres, including non-fiction, literary fiction, contemporary, mystery, and memoirs will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis. I aim to provide honest opinions in my reviews, and asking me to review a book I am predisposed to dislike is of benefit to no one.

I aim to post requested written reviews within a week of finishing the book and/or video reviews within a month, unless a date/deadline is otherwise requested. All reviews will be cross-posted on my Goodreads, as well as Amazon, if requested. If you do not specify video and/or written review, I will assume written.

Same email applies.

Social Media:

twitter | instagram | youtube | goodreads


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