Bookish | Wrappin’ Up December

After all my posts ushering in the new year and closing out the old one, I bet you thought I was finally done with 2015! No such luck! I’m finally here with my December and general 2015 reading wrap-up.


Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2) by Sara Raasch (4.5 stars)
Personal Enjoyment: ●●●●●
Writing Quality: ●●●●○
Recommendability: ●●●●○

graphic novels:

Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 by Jonathan Luna (5 stars)
Personal Enjoyment: ●●●●●
Writing Quality: ●●●●●
Art Style*: ●●●○○
Recommendability: ●●●●●

Alex + Ada, Vol. 2 by Jonathan Luna (3.5 stars)
Personal Enjoyment: ●●●○○
Writing Quality: ●●●●●
Art Style: ●●●○○
Recommendability: ●●●●○

My reading challenge on Goodreads at the beginning of the year was set to 72 books, which I believe I upped to 75 in January, but quickly decreased to 65 because I seem to start every year in a massive reading slump. Overall, I read 63 out of my 65 book challenge. 25 of these were graphic novels and/or manga, and 2 were audiobooks. 31 were Young Adult and Middle Grade; 7 were Adult. (For my 2016 reading year I definitely plan on reading more Adult books because those are the ones that have stacked up on my TBR shelf.)

How did your 2015 reading year go? Leave me a comment!


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* I’ve decided to change “Art Quality” to “Art Style” because I am in no way qualified to judge what is good art or bad art, but I am more qualified to say how the art style affected me and my perception of the story, which was the intention of the rating in the first place.



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