Most Anticipated of 2016 (Misc. Media Edition)

Over the past few days, I’ve covered a whole lot of book releases I’ve had my eye on for 2016. Oddly enough, books aren’t my only interest (shocking, right?). So here’s a little miscellaneous post of other media I’m looking forward to in 2016! the first thing on my list: Shadowhunters, a new TV show on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) set to premiere in January of 2016. This tv show is an adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and I believe they’re also gearing up to include The Infernal Devices, but I think I need a whole separate post to adequately express my feelings on the matter. Nevertheless, this show is looking properly cheesalicious for an ABC Family show, and I have high hopes after what the network did with Pretty Little Liars.

maxresdefaultNext, anything Pokemon related that may come my way in 2016– I’m going to eat it all up. In 2015 I finally acquired a Nintendo 3DS and played through all of Pokemon X and Pokemon Omega Ruby. Next year, the franchise is set to re-release updated, but not re-made, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as Pokemon Z and the new mobile game, Pokemon Go, where we’ll be able to capture Pokemon in real time by using our smart phone cameras. Please take all my money, Pokemon. It would be a real honor.

CXU2INtUEAImpl9Marvel’s new Doctor Strange film is set to premiere in late 2016, and I would already be super stoked on it solely because Benedict omelette Cucumber patch (Benedict Cumberbatch) is playing the title character. Now that I’ve started following the new Doctor Strange comic series, I’m already so in love with this character and his weird (strange) world. In all the Marvel movies we’ve had so far, this one is set to be the most magical.

Fire-Emblem-Fates1Finally, Fire Emblem Fates, the next installment(s) in the Fire Emblem franchise, are set to come out in February. This game is apparently divided into Conquest and Birthright, one for newer and more casual players, the other for more experienced fans of the series. I have already expressed my newfound love for Fire Emblem Awakening, so it’s only natural that I would be bouncing off the walls screaming “Another! Another! Another!” (It’s not natural? What?)

I’m sure there are several other things set to come out in 2016, but my brain only has so much room for excitement! Let me know what else I’m missing out on! What are you looking forward to for 2016? Chat with me in the comments!


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