Comic Books, Issue #7 | An Overwhelming Number of Comic Books

It’s been a while since I last hauled my comic book collection. The reason is, I work really hard on these blog posts in particular, because they’re the most fun and interesting for me to write. I like following my serial progression through a story month-by-month. It’s so different from novels– you don’t go around reviewing novels chapter-by-chapter, do you? You might. There are stranger blog gimmicks out there.

My comic book collection is, to put it simply, too damn big. I’m picking up too many new series every month, as well as continuing the series I picked up in previous months. Writing my comic book hauls as I have been is becoming a monstrous, impossible task. Every time I upload a 1,500 word blog post, I cringe. I know I don’t read super-long blog posts on the regular, especially hauls, so why should I expect my readers to care about mine? We don’t have that level of trust yet. I can’t ask that of you.

So instead, I’m going to do a massive overhaul of monthly comic hauls and wrap-ups. I guess it’s as simple as saying: future comic book issue posts will be framed more like a wrap-up, but with a twist, which I will demonstrate for you today (with many Instagram photos that don’t correlate with the different sections at all).


UnFollow #1
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #1
Divinity #1
Mulan: Revelations #1-3
No Mercy #1-4
Plutona #1-2
Negative Space #1-2


Phonogram #1-4
The Spire #1-4
img_20151122_101352.jpgThe Beauty #1-4
Tokyo Ghost #1
Zodiac Starforce #1 (e-copy)-3
Bombshells #1-4
Paper Girls #1-2
Ms. Marvel (2015-) #1
Monstress #1
Death Sentence #1 (e-copy)
Low #1-9
Alex + Ada #1 (e-copy)

I Hate Fairyland #1-2: Stuck in a child’s body, she’s only been trying to escape Fairyland for 30-some years.
Giant Days TPB (#1-6): College roommates find love, friendship, and hallucinogenic drugs.
The Wicked + the Divine #1-16: Teenagers achieve godhood and everyone dies– what a beautiful, messy tragedy.
The Mighty Thor #1: Meet Thor– god, hero, diplomat, woman, cancer patient.
Toil and Trouble #1-3: The witches of Macbeth and their invisible war over the future of Scotland.
Welcome Back #1-2: The daughter of a serial killer; the reincarnated soul of a soldier in an age-old war between good and evil.
Tomboy #1: Blood and gore and magical girls.
Doctor Strange #1-2: Marvel’s superhero exorcist wizard. Eggs-benedict Cucumber-patch was cast in the upcoming film.
Southern Cross #1-5: Paranormal murder-mystery horror. In space!
Power Up #1-3: Super fun, super queer superheroes– yes, there is a tiny laser whale.


Low #10
Southern Cross #6
Mulan: Revelations #4
img_20151008_163558.jpgNo Mercy #5
Power Up #4-5
Tokyo Ghost #2-3
Plutona #3
Giant Days #7-9
Monstress #2
Bombshells #5-???
The Wicked +the Divine #17
Paper Girls #3
The Mighty Thor #2
Toil and Trouble #4
Welcome Back #3
UnFollow #2
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #2-3
Tomboy #2
Doctor Strange #3
Codename Baboushka: The Conclave of Death #1

Hopefully this is a bit more of a manageable format for future endeavors. Obviously this contains everything I’ve read up to this point, but later posts will only contain those I read since the last wrap-up style post.



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