Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

Hey all!

Real quick: I decided last minute (Thursday) that I would try to participate in a readathon today. Of course, this morning, I had totally forgotten about this decision. So the event started at 6AM in my timezone (MST), and I’m barely starting in on hour 9! The only reason I even remembered is because I won an hourly door prize!

Here’s the website if you’re interested:

I’ll be updating this post all day with my progress!

6AM- Readathon begins.

8:30AM- Wake up. Make Coffee. Chat with roommate over breakfast.

10AM- Finished The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. (last 47 pages)

10:30AM- Decide to make surprise gift for boyfriend to celebrate our 25 month-iversary.

2:30PM- Amazon order arrives; remember the whole reason I signed up for this readathon was to read one or more of the books in my order. Finish aforementioned surprise gift in a rush.


3:30PM- Finished Rachel Rising, Vol. 2: Fear No Malus by Terry Moore. (128 pages)

4:15PM- Drank hot chocolate; ate some pot stickers.

5PM- Reading Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch. (page 34)

6PM- Got distracted talking to Sara Raasch on Twitter… Got to page 72 in Ice Like Fire. Going out to dinner!

7PM- Tacos are great. Resume reading Ice Like Fire. (page 78)

8:15PM- page 102 in Ice Like Fire. Also, the Game Grumps are streaming so that’s pretty distracting. #excuses

9PM- Watched Doctor Who with my very neglected boyfriend. Drank more hot chocolate.

10:45PM- Bed time. Read to page 142 in Ice Like Fire.

6AM- Readathon ends.

Some reflection: I definitely was not prepared for this readathon, but that doesn’t mean I’m counting it a total failure. Had it not been a readathon, I would have stopped after finishing The Rest of Us Just Live Here. I do wish I had remembered earlier that it was readathon-day, because I would have loved to get into the full spirit, waking up early and reading for the full 24 hours. Maybe if I could lock myself into a room away from other people and with plenty of snacks… that would be the life.

On to the next one!


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