a fresh start.

an ember in the ashes notes

Hey guys, it’s Alexis.

It’s safe to say most of you know me from my YouTube channel, Rocket Reads, which I am also not very good at keeping updated. Overall, I’m a frustrating human being who refuses to learn how to internet. The equivalent of a grandparent ranting about how they can’t understand that newfangled rap music, can we just go back to the good ol’ days of that nice boy, Frank Sinatra? Whenever I feel like I may be keeping up with the times, something happens to send me careening wildly out of control into the shadowland of forgotten slang terms.

What is “fleek”? I just learned what “slay” means! I’m going back to “fetch.” (it’s never going to happen.)

If I’m being entirely honest, this is not my first blog. This is not my fourth, or fifth, or even sixth blog. I’m a serial blog-starter. I’m also a serial blog-deleter. This is, however, the first second time I’ve started a blog with a purpose.

What I’m trying to say is I’ve started this blog, officially, to post book reviews of the books I read, pictures of the bookish things I buy, and rambles/rants about reading and writing. I already do all of those Things in separate places on the internet, so this blog will typically be an collection of my Things. I don’t often have time to film-edit-upload, but damn if I don’t spend a lot of time already typing out all my thoughts on the internet.


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